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Paperstone®: The Greenest Architectural Surface on the Planet

Sustainability is mainstream…a powerful concept. When materials are made with this principle in mind, an earth-friendly idea becomes a natural choice. Choosing green products means living, working, learning and playing in a healthier world. PaperStone® is committed to innovative green products that contribute to an eco-friendly, holistic lifestyle that is smart, elegant and responsible.

Using PaperStone® may assist your project in qualifying for up to five LEED points.

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Vetrazzo® Recycled Glass Surfacing gives you an alternative to using non-renewable resources, like virgin granite, and provides a new market for recycled glass, including glass that could not be recyled elsewhere.

By using Vetrazzo
® surfaces, you show your respect for the earth and environment in the truest sense.

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® Recycled Glass Surfacing.





ALKEMI-Acrylic is a beautiful and sustainable surfacing alternative, made using pre-consumer waste aluminum flake, solid surface scrap, and recycled acrylic. It is SCS certified, 96% recycled content, ALKEMI-acrylic contributes toward satisfying credits 4.1 and 4.2 under LEED®.

Award winning ALKEMI-polyester
is made from fine flake aluminum milling scrap,  and is a SCS certified, LEED® compliant, recycled surface material composed of post-industrial scrap waste (34% by weight—as certified—or 60% by volume).

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Acrylic & Polyester Solid Surfacing:

Many of our acrylic and polyester solid surfacing brands have recycled lines within their product offering that can contribute to your project's LEED® credits:

LG Hi-Macs has 8 recycled colors in their "Eden Plus" line.

Avonite has 11 colors in their Recycled Collection.

Swanstone has 4 colors in their Planet Collection.

Hanex has 5 colors in their Recycled Collection.

Wilsonart has 5 eco-friendly colors in their collection.