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Natural Surfacing Material

Made from recycled paper and petroleum-free phenolic resin.


PaperStone can be used in a number of applications:

Tables, Counters, Wall Cladding, Bathroom Partitions, Exterior Siding (Rainscreens), Window Sills, Door Thresholds, Paneling, Chair Rails, Outdoor Kitchens, Furniture, Signs, Tiles or Cutting Boards.

Paperstone is extremely hard and is imperivous to wter. It is scratch resistant and highly resistant to staining. It can also bear temperatures up to 350 degrees, making PaperStone perfect for Kitchens.



Original Series:

Colors: Cabernet, Denim, Evergreen, Mocha, and Slate.

The PaperStone Original Series is made from 50% post-consumer recycled material.


Certified Series:

Colors: Chocolate, Congrete, Grass, Indigo, Obsidian, Plum, and Straw.

The PaperStone Certified Series is made from 100% post-consumer recylced materials.


For more detailed information, please visit: www.paperstoneproducts.com