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Engineered Quartz Surfacing

LG Viatera® is made with 93% natural quartz, the seventh hardest mineral on earth. More durable and easier to maintain than any other natural stone, Viatera® is engineered to look stunning year after year.

See the authentic look of LG Viatera®.



Through superior strength, incredible beauty and an unparalleled distribution network, Silestone® is rapidly becoming the choice for discerning consumers. Silestone offers a sophisticated elegance and timeless beauty.

The natural quartz in Silestone® delivers distinctive depth, brilliant clarity, glimmering radiance and a cool, solid feel unique to natural stone.

See the natural beauty of Silestone® quartz.



Engineered with pure quartz crystals, quartz countertop from DuPont™ Zodiaq® let you bring the best of both worlds - nature and science - to your kitchen, bath and throughout your home.

Explore the drama and beauty of nature without sacrificing the performance of science.

Explore the advantages of quartz countertops from DuPont™ Zodiaq®.



Natural quartz is one of nature's hardest surfaces. In fact, it's twice as hard as granite. HanStone® Quartz is not only a high-performing surface, but is also a luxurious, durable, low maintenance surface product that is designed for high-traffic areas and ideal for large living areas, kitchens and bath areas.

See HanStone® Quartz's rich and unique color palette.



CaesarStone® quartz surfaces are the ultimate combination of nature and technology, retaining its beauty without sealants or waxes, and is almost maintenance-free.

Ideal for any interior space, CaesarStone® quartz surfaces have four times the flexural strength and double the impact resistance of granite, also impressively outperforming marble.

See the uncompromising performance of CaesarStone® quartz surfaces.



When you look at a Radianz™ Quartz countertop, you see nature’s design in every square inch. But it’s Samsung technology that enhances the surface’s performance.

This blend of nature and technology also allows us to create Radianz™ styles that go beyond the aesthetic of natural stone.

Make Radianz™ Quartz the centerpiece of your project.



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